31 July 2008 @ 10:20 am
Tuesday I received the SG-1 movie, Continuum, which I enjoyed way more than I expected. Some things could have been better but overall I'd say I enjoyed it more than most episodes of, say, Season 8. That's a miserably low bar but I've found with Stargate low expectations of the writing are often helpful. Pure fluff, perhaps, but quite entertaining nonetheless.

I'd hoped, based on the promo pics, to see more of the"old time" characters but most were cameos. Baal was, of course, excellent and Cliff Simon was brilliant. He's such a wonderfully evil, smarmy villain. Oh yeah, *and* he's gorgeous and shown to nice effect in the sleeveless number they whipped up for him. I've long maintained that the scariest sort of evil is the attractive evil. It's easy to resist the lure of the Dark Side when it's ugly and repulsive (c.f., albino priors with bizarre face bumps). When it looks like Cliff Simon, though, that could really tempt a person. Happily, he has more than a pretty face; he has the gravitas necessary to be a credible menace. I've loved his gleeful villainy since he first lit up the screen in Season 5.

This was utterly a movie for the Cam fans. Not that there wasn't a little something thrown in for fans with other preferences but this was a love letter to Cam fans. I hope we get more movies because even when it annoys me, Stargate continues to entertain me. :)

I watched the movie and all of the specials in one very long sitting. All that's left is to watch the commentary. *sniffle*


Yesterday I received my Witchblade DVDs and I watched the pilot again last night. I was pleasantly surprised at how nice the case was. In this age of cutting costs with flimsy disc housings, this one keeps all of the discs separated and easily accessible.

The back of the DVD set had some ominous verbiage claiming that one of the DVD "features" was a whole new soundtrack selected by the executive producer. That pulled me up short since part of the look and feel of Witchblade was the soundtrack. Can't speak to anything beyond the pilot but I didn't notice any changes to the music. I was surprised that this many years later I could remember so much of the pilot nearly verbatim. Considering that my memory isn't what it used to be, I wonder if this is the first sign of early onset senility? ;-)

I'm looking forward to re-watching Season 1. I'm already seeing a few familiar faces and names from SG-1. The pilot's soundtrack? Joel Goldsmith, better known to Stargate fans as the composer for SG-1 and Atlantis. The doorman in the pilot? One of SG-1's recurring rebel Jaffa, Cha'ra -- and the guy who was on the SciFi show, Pain Killer Jane. (Ah! IMDB says his name is Noah Danby -- and that he was Captain Astro in Queer as Folk. I believe that fills a card. Bingo!)

I expect that if I were more familiar with the background faces of Queer as Folk I'd see even more overlap as Witchblade was filmed in Toronto.

ETA: SPOILERS for Continuum in the comments.
04 April 2008 @ 10:33 am
The entire series will be released on DVD on 29 July 2008. I've already pre-ordered mine. :)

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