20 April 2007 @ 11:29 pm
This is more of an insta-reaction than a thoughtful response

Watching the warriors massacre crouching villagers was particularly painful given the events of this week. I was surprised by the severity of the gut-punch that delivered. I mean, I know that nobody died and it was just flashes from off screen but I was quite the strength of my reaction was unexpected. I wish we'd seen this back when the Brits did rather than now. :(

Stupid premise -- how in the world did they think that the Ori wouldn't notice the missing village? So, assuming I can get past that idiocy, I think the episode was reasonably good. I was glad for once to see a grievously injured character actually suffer. I know that sounds weird but I'm tired of seeing the equivalent of the Monty Python Flesh Wound still fighting. It gave Amanda a cool part to play and it gave us a lot of really nice character beats between Sam and Cam.

I just hope Sam doesn't fall for Cam because he's Teal'c's man and I'd hate to see her lose the colonel again like she did Jack to Daniel. ;-)
Current Mood: shocked
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