07 June 2010 @ 01:09 pm
1. Fake Chicken Breakthrough? -- I'm not necessarily a fan of fake meats but I own that they're very handy for a vegetarian who is trying to feed veggie-phobic omnivores. Though how anyone can not love brussels sprouts and eggplant and squash? I don't know because they are all super-delicious.

I tend to stick with crumbles or veggie sausage because they do a good job of approximating ground meats but I'm all for any product that reduces the number of animals killed in our farming industry. Even if it's highly processed. A word of caution, there's some verbiage in the article towards the bottom of the first page that might be upsetting if you're squeamish about meat coming from organic bodies.

2. Ancient cemetery in York could be Roman gladiators -- Sweet! And potentially a treasure trove of information. I hope I'll get to see some articles about this find.

3. Worst kept secret: Apple has a new generation of the iPhone. I stopped listening when they brought up the guy to announce that Farmville will now be an App. *rolls eyes* Steve Jobs is looking mighty thin. I hope he's continuing to do well; pancreatic cancer is a wicked nasty cancer.

4. Look for sign-ups for [livejournal.com profile] sg1_lims to open up tomorrow evening!!!!!!
24 April 2008 @ 12:36 pm
I'm going to start using my LJ in a new-to-me way: as an exercise & diet diary. I plan on recording my thoughts, struggles, victories, defeats, books I've read, etc. about food & eating, exercising, and my battle to get fit. And then STAY fit.

This has nothing to do with the usual content of my LJ and I suspect it will contain little interesting content so my current plan is to take it all private. However, others on my f-list may be cutting a similar path and find that having a place to talk about it might be useful.

If you suspect you might want to read, think about, or discuss these sorts of issues, please comment here. If there's interest, rather than making my entries private I'll f-lock them and make a special filter for those who want to wade through it all.

This is going to be mostly navel-gazing, so consider yourself fairly warned.