24 July 2017 @ 01:48 am
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i don't know if it's to get you in the mood to write or if you want to describe what a location sounds like.

for what ever the reason they have links to various sounds, among others; nature-beach, forest in the morning, rain on car at night, winter wind . places-coffee shop, office, temple, war. fictional places- a bunch of star wars & harry potter locations. transportation-train ride, private jet cabin, airport, submarine. historical- medieval town, pirate ship in a tropical port. ship on rough sea, old west saloon. world-paris new york, british library, chinese hotel lobby.

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23 July 2017 @ 02:37 pm
Go with the flow

I think I'll take a nap. Feeling pretty low energy again. *yawn* *stretch* *zzzzz*
23 July 2017 @ 12:54 pm
So Sean Spicer's resigned (we all knew it was coming), Sessions discussed the Trump campaign and policy issues with Kisylak in 2016, and Trump looks like he's revving up to fire Mueller and Sessions and then pardon himself and his family for everything they've done ever.

And all I can focus on is this story that Sean Spicer stole a mini-fridge from junior White House staffers.
22 July 2017 @ 09:28 pm
Dude. Ew.
22 July 2017 @ 04:05 pm
Stairs to Nowhere

Finally, FINALLY had someone come out to take a look at chimney, replace flashing and seal it up. He said that if the other place told me they sealed the chimney really well they were big fat liars. He said (and showed me pictures) of three small dots of sealant on each side of chimney which he said he was shocked worked at all, even for a short time. Now I'm even more furious at how much they charged me for what was essentially no work. This guy wasn't cheap either, but since I couldn't find anyone local I had to pay someone from out of area and thus had to pay for mileage. Understandable, the charges, but man.

The only way I'll know it worked is when the rains come again.

In other news, I have found additional pee spots around the house. I had to toss a rug. The latest little cardboard box condo I made, pee stain all over the bottom. I don't know if there's something wrong with my nose or what, but I swear I don't smell this stuff as it happens! We should be noise-free for a while now, so hopefully no peeing.

The tree/bush thing that my neighbors kindly removed last year is growing back. Can't stop the signal! I figured that out as I was out futilely battling the creeping vines. I didn't recognize the leaves until I unburied the stump and found it sprouting happily.

Not a bad day as far as getting things accomplished, though I am teetering on verge of major head pain. The walk downtown (when I got there, I couldn't remember why I had gone) felt as though the energy was sapping out of me with each step. I am plumb tuckered out. Too bad I have yet to finish the odious task of laundry.
21 July 2017 @ 07:58 pm
Take Away

What a day! While over at the shelter, the girl with a developmental delay was walking a sweet new dog who has already got a home lined up. She likes to remember the dogs, and will often take a picture with herself and the dog. She asked me if I'd do that for her with this dog, I agreed and went to put sweet Riley back in his box so I could come back outside and help her out. Well, one of the other volunteers rushed in not even a minute after me - the girl had gotten distracted, tripped, fell and broke her wrist. Poor thing was absolutely hysterical, convinced she was going to lose her arm.

It is this kind of moment I need to call to mind whenever I find myself growing impatient with her. She functions well, but she does not process things in the same way most do and remembering that is vital.

Then the jerks filling in the ravine behind our offices started digging out even MORE of the ravine all afternoon. It's horrendous.

And THEN. I went to the store last night for my usual shopping. As always, I forgot something and this something couldn't wait for another day, so I took the route that would deliver me to the store. Traffic was beginning to back up. On my way out, I decided to go back around to my usual way home to avoid the traffic yuck, only to have someone shout, "XYZ bridge is closed!" XYZ is the first of two bridges I cross to get home. No problem, I thought, I'll take the extra back way which avoids XYZ bridge... so I did, but then realized that I had bad intel - it wasn't XYZ bridge that was closed, it was the other bridge, ABC. Which meant I drove a fair distance out of my way for nothing, had to turn around and head back over the not-closed XYZ bridge and around to the Big Bridge (which is the OTHER bridge I could take to get home). Confused? Don't worry.

The too long; didn't read: In an attempt to avoid gridlock, I drove around the country for a while, then drove back around and sat for a good long while and since I had bought ice cream which was rapidly melting, I decided to crack into it. AND since I didn't have a spoon, I shamelessly hoovered it. Hence the picture.

But don't worry, the ice cream is one of those new-fangled low-fat, low-sugar types.
21 July 2017 @ 05:28 pm
it's 81f but feels like 85f

the report was for it to be 86, but feel like 100. glad that didn't happen, but i just don't like the heat.

i read someone's comment on-line once that when it's cold you can add layers, but when it's hot, what can you do? remove your skin?

anyway, see the post i made about heat exhaustion vs heat stroke and try to stay cool out there.

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20 July 2017 @ 06:22 pm
Web Reflection

Meh. Some days are just meh.
20 July 2017 @ 05:04 pm
(Yeah, if you know the reference, you know this is not a new discussion.)

This is something I posted on Facebook about the new Doctor Who and I feel like it's still a good summary of where I stand. )
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it's free, they even give you supplies necessary to take care of the kitten.

all you have to to is feed them, care for them & clean up after then for a few weeks.

not sure how to take care of a kitten? humane society silicon valley has a 2-hour orientation & will give you the phone number of someone that will answer your questions.

this article has all the info, including links the the HSSV page & calendar with the next scheduled orientation.

if you're not near this place, check with your local shelter, they might have a foster program of some sort.