01 September 2010 @ 08:49 pm
You've heard of the kerfuffle, yes? If not, the whole thing is outlined here in [livejournal.com profile] news. Why is making it easy for every happy-go-lucky internet commenter to share links to your private entries? Copied from this comment by [livejournal.com profile] chiller:

Here's a few examples of comments that could really screw up - and in some cases END - a person's life. Potentially appearing soon on a FB status update near you, following an accidental click!: -

- "If they're threatening you because you're gay, you ought to get some help."
- "Sorry to hear about your miscarriage."
- "Sorry to hear about your husband punching you in the face."
- "Sorry to hear about your cancer." (this one's great! Your boss might fire you before he "officially" finds out you're sick, thus avoiding a lot of annoying sick leave expense!)
- "Way to go, sleeping with all those people!"
- "Hang on - you didn't use protection?"
- "I really enjoyed sex with you, Mike and Bob last night."
- "OMG the priest did what?"
- "Welcome to the sexual abuse survivors' forum!"
- "I heart twincest furry coprophagic fic too!"
- "I'm so glad to hear you've got a safe place to live in [address], where he can't find you."

To which I add the stories of people returning to find their homes burglarized after posting to FB about vacation plans. Not life threatening, but:

- "I can't wait to see you in Seattle on Friday!"
- "Sure, I can pet sit for you this weekend."
- "Bet you'll be happy when your husband returns next week!"

And so on. By all means, be smart about what you post online. This is a bird of slightly different feather. We're talking about what your friends post and say and do...that's a lot harder to "be smart about" except to ban someone AFTER your privacy is violated. :\

FWIW, I haven't linked this account to any other accounts I have. I've turned off pingbacks until LJ fixes the problems with pingbacks violating f-locked privacy. You can safely rant about & link to my personal journal without worrying I'll see it. I can't find a way to turn them off over at my icon comm; you might want to wait to rant & link to those posts if you want to do it behind my back. Once they fix the pingback feature so that only publicly available content is reported to me, I'll probably turn them on here.
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